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3D Stadium puzzles
3D Stadium puzzles

We offer 3D puzzles of the San Siro Stadium, Wembley Stadium, Camp Nou, La Bombonera and many more. Hours of pleasure building the stadium as if you are in there watching the match of your favorite team.

Rubik's Cubes
Rubik's Cubes

Your team logo and five other pictures on an official Rubik’s cube. You want your team to perform, but will you dare to take on this challenge?

Bricks Bus with Players and Driver
Bricks Bus with Players and Driver

Inspired by the official team colors, logos, and uniforms, this bus and figures set offers a true-to-life representation of your favorite sports team.

Stadium Puzzles
Stadium Puzzles

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, each puzzle piece fits snugly into place, allowing you to recreate every aspect of the stadium with stunning accuracy.

Custom Products
Custom Products

The secret sauce to fan loyalty. Ready to add custom merchandise into your brand’s recipe? We’d love to hear from you!



"Our customized 3D stadium puzzle has been a hit with fans of all ages! The attention to detail is incredible and the quality of the puzzle pieces is top-notch. We love being able to offer a unique, interactive way for fans to show their love for the club."

Olivia Kevinson
Olivia Kevinson Marketing manager

"Our Rubik's Cube featuring our team's logo has been a fun addition to our merchandise offerings. It's a great conversation starter and the perfect gift for any puzzle or football fan. We're thrilled to have partnered with you to bring this product to our fans."

Mitchell Harris
Mitchell Harris Sales manager

"We've received nothing but positive feedback from our fans about the customized 3D stadium puzzle and Rubik's Cube. They're both high-quality products that truly capture the essence of our club. We're proud to offer these unique items as part of our merchandise collection."

Julia Cloe
Julia Cloe Sales Manager

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Tiger Merchandising Showcases at The Sports Merchandise and Licensing Show 2023

Tiger Merchandising is excited to announce its participation in the ninth edition of The Sports Merchandise and Licensing Show (SMLS) scheduled to take place at Stamford Bridge London on Tuesday, October 17th, 2023. We invite you to visit our booth at Stand 45 to explore our exciting range of sports merchandise and licensing opportunities.

About The Sports Merchandise and Licensing Show (SMLS)

The SMLS is a premier event designed to connect sports brands with potential licensees and suppliers from around the world. With its diverse array of products and services, the show offers a unique platform for discovering new business prospects and reconnecting with industry contacts, all within the convenience of a single venue. SMLS is expertly tailored to meet the specific requirements of sports brands, making it the ideal event for those in the industry.

Tiger Merchandising is dedicated to providing high-quality, customizable merchandise for sports clubs. Our booth at Stand 9 is your gateway to a wide selection of merchandise that is sure to captivate fans and elevate your brand. Whether you’re seeking custom jerseys, team apparel, or fan-centric accessories, we have a range of products that can be tailored to your club’s unique identity.

Our team is eager to discuss how our products can help boost your club’s revenue, increase fan loyalty, and enhance your brand visibility. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how we can be a valuable partner in meeting your sports merchandise needs.

Come and meet the Tiger Merchandising team at Stand 45 during The Sports Merchandise and Licensing Show 2023. We look forward to connecting with you, sharing our expertise, and exploring the possibilities of working together.

For more information or to schedule an appointment in advance, please contact us.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Tiger Merchandizing emerged as a separate entity from Pro-Lion BV

Tiger Merchandising BV has emerged as a separate entity from Pro-Lion BV. With a strategic shift from bricks, the company has shifted to manufacturing 3D puzzles and is even contemplating expanding brand new products. The new management of the company brings with it a wealth of experience, having also run successful B2C enterprises like Sportus. This reorganization promises to bring a sharper focus and greater structure to Tiger Merchandising BV, boosting its know-how and helping it carve a niche for itself in the market.

Tiger Merchandising BV has recently emerged as a separate entity from Pro-Lion BV. The company has made a strategic shift from bricks to focus on manufacturing 3D puzzles and is even considering expanding its product range to include other items.

The new management team of Tiger Merchandising BV has a proven track record of success in running B2C enterprises, such as Sportus. This wealth of experience is expected to bring a sharper focus and greater structure to the company, helping it to develop its know-how and carve a niche for itself in the market.

The reorganization of the company is seen as a positive development, as it promises to boost Tiger Merchandising BV’s competitive edge and improve its market positioning. By shifting to a product-focused approach and leveraging the expertise of its management team, the company is well-positioned to succeed in the market and distinguish itself from its competitors.

With a renewed focus on product development and a strong leadership team in place, Tiger Merchandising BV is poised to become a key player in the marketplace, offering innovative and high-quality products to customers.